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Roger visits his Uncle George

Roger visits his Uncle George
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Roger Herriot came into Campbell College today (29 May 2018) to talk about his uncle George Hodges Herriott, who is one of the Men Behind the Glass.

CCB’s current rugby 1st XV holding images of the seven members of the 1913-4 1st XV, including George Herriot, killed in the Great War

George attended CCB from 1908 to 1914 and was a member of the rugby 1st XV; he was one of the seven members of the team killed in the Great War. During the conflict, George joined the Royal Naval Air Service (RNAS) in December 1916, becoming a Flight Lieutenant in May 1917. He was eventually deployed to what is now RAF Marham, Kent, where he flew patrols in seaplanes looking for German mine laying submarines in the Thames estuary. On 6 November 1917, he was killed in what was described as a ‘flying accident’.

Roger Herriot visits his uncle George, pictured above him

Roger gave an interview as part of the MBTG oral archive. He talked about how his father, George’s older brother, had joined the RNAS ahead of him and how he felt guilty about the fact that George followed him into uniform and died during the war. He also mentioned how he took the family to Minster in Kent, where George is buried, to mark the centenary of his death with a short ceremony in November last year. The podcast of Roger, talking to MBTG archivist, Dr Tom Thorpe, will be available soon.  

George Hodges Herriot, killed in an accident, November 1917