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Sharing the College's history

Sharing the College's history
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On Saturday morning on the 8th September 2018, Campbell College Belfast was open as part of European Heritage Open Day. During the morning around 350 people visited the school and this included many people with connections to Old Campbellians, which are former pupils of the College.

Men Behind the Glass display table

Many visitors sought further information on their relatives who had attended the College. Some brought new information such as a great niece of Robert Dilworth. She revealed that Robert had been killed in December 1916 while taking part in a raid.  

Edmund De Wind display

One person brought in the army discharge papers of the relative Lance Corporal William Andrews that had been signed by C.S. Lewis (see below).

Lance Corporal William Andrew’s discharge papers signed by C.S. Lewis.

A relative of Robert Lloyd Thompson brought in his Military Cross (see below).

Robert Lloyd Thompson’s Military Cross